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Pour-N-Restore: Does It Work?

Donna Kirby's grandson is a typical young man, who's interested in trucks. He's working on getting one in tip top shape, but he's making a "crude" mess on the driveway. Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

"Have you ever said anything to him about cleaning it up?" asked NewChannel 11. "Oh, yes. We have," declared Donna.

This product is called Pour-N- Restore; promises you'll never have to lift a finger to remove tough oil stains, but Does It Work?

Donna and I were anxious to see, and the instructions were easy. Just pour and that's what Donna did. "It's kinda thick," she said. The solution was so thick, we had to use the whole bottle.

Now for the hardest part. We'll have to wait. So we came back to check on it five hours later, and the white solution was black in places. It appeared to be working.

After ten hours, "It looked like it was pulling the oil up and the liquid has dried out a lot," noticed Donna. The instructions say Pour-N-Restore will dry into a powder form and that's when you'll know it's ready and trust me, it was ready!

Now, the best part. After a bit of sweeping, we saw what we came out to see and Donna was pleased. "This is the original where we didn't pour it. And you can definitely see where it's picked it up," said Donna.

"Given that we used a whole bottle on it, this is going to need another treatment. Do you think it's worth it?" NC 11 asked. "Yes, but I wonder if we had spread it out a little thinner, if it would have done just as well," said Donna.

If Pour-N-Restore works for Donna, it works for me!

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