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Tornado Damage?

The hail made Swiss cheese out of the vinyl trailer skirt. The insulation from the attic is now keeping the trees warm. And the large mangled mass of aluminum, way across the empty lot, is DeAnn Bryant's roof -140 feet away from her home.

"I'm not sure it was a tornado, but the city officials think it is," she said.

It happened just before 10 p.m. First the rain, then the hail, then the roar. "I was going to get in my big bath tub and it's just like the walls kind of took a breath, and that's when the wind ripped the roof off," she said.

This isn't the first time DeAnn's been through severe weather. She and her mother experienced the Whiteface tornado of 1969. "We're getting good at this," she laughed.

Surrounding homes received just minor damage, such as broken windows. But regardless of whether or not it was an actual tornado, locals described the scene last night in one word - crazy. "West Texas weather is crazy," said family friend Bill Foust. He's been hammering down black plastic as a temporary roof. "It ripped the sooner studs out and it just looked like someone went up there and ripped the roof off by hand," he said.

Fortunately, just metal was mangled by the wind. Leaving DeAnn and her two children shaken but thankful. "I'm just glad that we're ok, could be a lot worse," said DeAnn.

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