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Marine reunited with military dog

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Serving our country for five years, a local Marine is finally back in Lubbock and against odds, he is now re-united with the military dog he spent his entire deployment with overseas.

Adam Carter, 24, enlisted in the Marines back in 2005 and after finishing a military Canine school he teamed up with Rex, a Belgian Malinois.

"If there was just one word it would be everywhere. He's always in to everything. He's a real high drive dog but he's fun," said Carter.

Carter began training Rex when he was two-years-old to be a human tracker and for the next three years the two would spend every waking hour together while stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Me and him we never parted pretty much, unless I was going to take a shower or something but other than that we were together the whole time. Everything I went through he went through the same thing," said Carter. "It's great to have him there great to have someone that can keep you warm or just to play with you know"

This year when Carter's five year service was up, he came home but Rex didn't. Military dog handlers usually don't get to keep their combat companions. Instead the dogs stay on the base until they've served as long as possible, but for Rex and Carter there was hope.

"The vet told me a little while before I got out he might be up for adoption due to the bladder surgeries  that he had and other medical problems," said Carter.

So Carter took every step possible to get his military buddy back. "It was kind of a tease at first because they have you fill out adoption paper work just in case, and then they actually called me and said hey get ready to come get him and made flight arrangements," said Carter.

Just five days ago, Carter picked Rex up from the airport and the two have been by each other's side just like before. "There's not really words, just a lot of excitement because not a lot of people get to adopt their dogs," said Carter.

Carter and Rex plan on staying in Lubbock for a few years while Carter finishes up school at Texas Tech.

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