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Three Lives Transformed Through Power of Prayer

In this Power of Prayer, you'll meet three different people from three different backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common:  when faced with dark times, each one of them turned to God for answers, and their lives where forever changed for the better through the Power of Prayer.

Lisa, Ramiro, and Ray are all members of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. A far cry from where they were several years ago, during days without prayer that seemed unbearable.

Just like many other college students, Lisa Taylor struggled to find her place in life. Her goal 10 years ago was to become an electrical engineer, but something was tugging at her heart to do something different, something that would change her life forever.

"It was really surrendering and saying okay God I'm gonna do your will. I hear you calling, and I'm gonna answer that call," says Lisa Taylor.

In 1993, she entered a convent and totally gave her life to serve God.

"From that time on, I began to really know that God was calling me to religious life," says Lisa.

For Ramiro Rivera, real life started much sooner, when he married at age 14.

"I didn't have God in my life. I struggled a lot," says Ramiro Rivera.

He fought alcohol and drug addictions until finally tragedy struck, and out of desperation, he made a deal with God.

"I had a brother that was about to die. He had shot himself in the head, and I prayed that if he would let my brother live I would completely leave all my habits -- and that's what I did," says Ramiro.

And he hasn't reached for a drug or the bottle since, that was more than 20 years ago.

"I'm living proof that prayer does change things and helps a lot of people, and it helped me out a lot," says Ramiro.

Ray Guzman's life took a turn for the worst after losing his little brother to gang violence 13 years ago.

"They ganged up on him and beat him to death like an animal with baseball bats and shovels," says Ray.

He found it difficult to deal with the pain and anger that had built up inside.

"I took it very hard. I turned into an alcoholic for many many years," says Ray.

But three years ago, he too found comfort in the Power of Prayer.

"It was hard for me to deal with the death of my brother, and I knew I had to find peace and the only way was I had to forgive these guys that killed my brother," says Ray. "That was the only way I was able to do it was through prayer."

Three different lives forever transformed by divine intervention. Each a testimony of the the Power of Prayer.

"Being a religious sister, a lot of people turn to you for prayer," says Lisa.

"Man will fail you but God will never fail you and if you have time to pray god has time to listen to you," says Ramiro.

"I have trials in my life everyday, everyday, everyday I have trials but with prayer I just don't ever give up up, don't ever give up cause everything works out," says Ray.

Lisa, Ray, and Ramiro have given their lives to God and say that he is the center of everything they do. They say without the Power of Prayer they wouldn't be here at all to share their testimonies with others hoping to lead people just like themselves to a walk with Christ.

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