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Boy, 8, starts rescue of baby from near drowning

Noah Navarette Noah Navarette

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Initially it was said that a lifeguard rescued a small child inside the "splash zone" of Bodyworks Monday in the 5100 Block of 82nd Street.  But were it not for the efforts of young Noah Navarette, 8, of Lubbock, CPR efforts by the lifeguards might have had a different outcome. 

Emergency crews responded at about 1:30 PM, and when they arrived the child had been removed from the water and was breathing.  Noah's family confirms initial reports that a baby boy was playing unattended in the water and went under. 

"I saw the kid drowning, so I like went over there, picked him up," says Noah. 

Noah is shy for his TV interview.  He rocks back & forth and looks at his feet as he speaks to a news reporter on camera.  He says, "Lucy [a family friend] helped me.  She went ahead and gave the kid to the lifeguards and they gave mouth to mouth."

The family friend, Lucy Cleveland, says "He had a really concerned look on his face and he was trying to help a little kid that was underneath the water.  He was drowning." 

Cleveland was at Bodyworks with her daughter.  "It's very alarming.  It gives me chills just thinking about today."  But the alarm has given way to accolades.  "We were really proud of Noah.  If he hadn't done that I don't think the little boy would have made it."

What did family and friends tell Noah?  "They said good job," he answers. 

Cleveland says she never did see the baby's mom prior to the incident.  She says the lifeguards did their best but she thinks parents need to watch their kids near the water and not just rely upon the lifeguards. 

UMC, which operates EMS, was not able to give us the name of the baby or his mom due to medical privacy laws.  Lubbock police did not treat the incident as a crime and therefore was not able to say the age of the child or other specific details.  Initial reports were conflicting with the child being described once as an infant, once as a baby, and once as a two year old.

EMS took the child to Covenant Children's Hospital as a precaution.  Bodyworks would not allow KCBD NewsChannel 11 to talk to the lifeguards who did CRP on the child.

(Michael Slother contributed to this report.)

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