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Safety is a Priority at City Pools

Lifegaurds are the first line of defense when it comes to safety at city pools. J.B. Burse is the Assistant Aquatics Supervisor for the City of Lubbock. He says all city lifegaurds are certified and continue their training twice a week.

Burse wants all parents to know, that lifeguards are not babysitters and they are not substitute parents. "Our guards are not parents. They are certified lifeguards. The more eyes we have watching that child, the more safe that child will be."

The city will not tolerate parents leaving their children at city pools unattended. Burse says, "We have a rule. If a child is under the age of eight, he needs to be accompanied by an adult. If not, we're going to send that child home."

Supervision is key but it's not the only safety measure taken at city pools. Signs are posted all around the pool, from the diving board to the water slide to the cement beneath your feet. Burse says, "All our signs are "No Running," because this is a very slick surface. This is a concrete surface. If you run and slip, you're going to bust your head."

Rules are also enforced at the diving board and water slide. One bounce and striaght down on the diving board and every child must take his turn. The same rule goes for the water slide. Burse says, "No one can go headfirst. Down one at a time. Once that kid gets to the bottom, he will clear that area and the guard will allow another child to go down."

Kids will be removed from the water during inclement weather. "We will clear the pool. The kids are usually held out of the pool for 15 minutes. Once we have not seen lightening for 15 minutes, we'll allow kids back into the pool. If it continues to progress, we'll close the pool for the day. We'll stay around until 6 or 7 until every child has called their parent and has been picked up." These rules are just a few safety protocols the city takes to keep your child safe.

The four City of Lubbock swimming pools are open Tuesday's through Sunday's from 1 to 6 p.m.

  • K.N. Clapp pool is located at 46th and Avenue U. It's the largest of the four pools. It offers a slide, concession stand, diving boards and a wading pool.
  • Maxey Pool is at 30th and Oxford. It offers diving boards, concession stand and many shade trees.
  • Mae Simmons pool is at 24th and MLK. It has a water slide, diving boards and a concession stand.
  • Montelongo pool was renovated in 2001. It is ADA accessible and located at 3200 Bates Ave. It offers a water slide, diving boards, shade umbrellas, a concession stand, a wading pool and a zero depth entry into the main pool.

Daily admission is $1.50 for children under 18 and $2 for adults. You can also buy a weekly, monthly, summer or family pass. Famililes can also enjoy family night on Tuesday's from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at each of our four pools. You can bring your family out for an evening swim for only $2.00 for a family of four and $1 for each additional family member.

You can also rent the pools for your next party or family gathering. Each pool is available for rent Thursday through Sunday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m. Lifeguards are provided for all rentals and the rates will vary depending on the number of people attending your party. All four pools are open until August 10th. For more information, call (806) 775-2673.

For NewsChannel 11's Consumer Connection, I'm Sharon Maines.

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