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Consider This...Bad Idea!

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Last week I told you about all the money Austin's city-owned electric company was spending on non-electric city projects at a time when they are considering a rate increase to its customers. It was a reminder of how that same practice almost bankrupted Lubbock Power and Light just a few years back. I urged our City Council members not to go down that same road. They should continue to let the LP&L board, made up of private citizens, successfully manage the company without government interference.

Well my words fell on deaf ears because Thursday morning they did just the opposite. Five of the seven voted to force a $3 million street light expense on LP&L. That represents government growth from $6 million to $9 million that City Hall is now siphoning from LP&L and it came against the will of the LP&L board and without a tax decrease.

Consider this: I applaud Mayor Tom Martin and Councilman Paul Beane for taking a stand and representing what is best for Lubbock taxpayers and electric customers. The other five…..Karen Gibson, Todd Klein, Jim Gilbreath, Victor Hernandez, and Floyd Price, got it all wrong. Unfortunately on this one, the majority of council approved a decision that I don't think represents a majority of Lubbock. So let your councilperson hear from you because if you don't, your silence may be considered an endorsement.

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