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BPA exposure in dental sealants

By Karin McCay| email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) –A new study finds out that dental sealants commonly used to prevent cavities may expose children to BPA,  a controversial chemical thought to be linked with health problems. Researchers believe the materials used in sealants can break down into BPA when they come in contact with saliva. That's not to say sealants are bad, but that kids should know how to minimize the risk.

Dr. Abby Fleisch says that "until the dental materials industry finds BPA-free alternative, we recommend that kids either gargle with water, then spit for at least 30 seconds after getting the sealants placed, or that the dentist rub the top of the sealant with a plumes cup or a cotton roll to remove the top layer."

Parents should know that researchers say sealants cause far less exposure than plastics used in bottles and beverage cans, and that the benefits of dental sealants far outweigh the possible risks from BPA exposure.

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