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Farmer's Goats Mauled by Dogs

He described it as a nightmarish scene. Ben Aufill raises goats on this South Lubbock farm and on Friday morning he discovered 30 of them mauled to death.

Ben Aufill is what you could call an above average animal lover. "These are pets. They keep the weeds out and keep my place cleaned up," says Aufill.

He keeps more than 80 goats, not for profit, but as pets. "I'm a pet lover. I love pets and I love dogs but I can't put up with this. On Friday morning he discovered two dogs mauling his beloved pets," says Aufill. "This (Friday) morning I drove up around 9 a.m. and there was two dogs in the pen with all my goats," says Aufill.

Feeling desperate he did what he says any pet owner would do. "I got a gun. I ran about a half a mile got a gun came back down. I got a couple of shots in but I missed both times," says Aufill.

By the time he returned it was too late. Many goats lay badly injured, some of them already dead. "They've killed probably at least 30," says Aufill.

Those still hanging on to life lay in shock. "There's still quite a few of them that are not expected to live, probably lose a few more," says Aufill.

Aufill says this is the second attack he's had on his farm, and he's had enough. "This is too much. This is where you draw the line."

His only option is to watch, wait, and wonder when the dogs will be back. "There were not coyotes. They were probably my neighbors dogs," says Aufill.

He says the hardest part is seeing his pets suffer, many of them he named himself. "I'm still in shock. A lot of my really good goats were torn up really bad if not killed."

If the dogs come back Aufill will be ready. Aufill says the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department has given the okay to shoot any dogs that threaten his animals, since the property is outside the city limits.

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