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Obesity: America's #1 Killer?

An alarming report from the CEC says obesity threatens to replace tobacco as the leading cause of death in America. Why? Because we've become a nation of couch potatoes.

The CEC says the real problem is not what we eat, but how much. The report says, for example that what used to be the normal serving of french fries looks chintzy to consumers today since you can get jumbo fries for a bargain. Even if it's a plate full of nutrition, the plate size counts. A serving a meat is about the size of a deck of cards. A half cup for pasta, fruits and veggies.

The bottom line say nutrition experts, it's not the food that's making us fat, it's our portion distortion - so, an easy rule of thumb to get you back on track is to assume that every serving, whether it's fast food or home cooked is super-sized, and simply cut it in half.

Back when Jimmy Carter was president, a typical fast food burger weighed just over six ounces. Today they weigh in at more than seven. An order of french fries has increased by 16%. Soft drink sizes have risen by 50%. Experts say it's even worse at home where portions sizes are often even bigger!

Do you need to review food portion sizes? (Click here) to call up the food pyramid guide, which lists food portion sizes. Another good source is (www.eatright.org) - The American Dietetic Association.

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