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Water Hose Health Hazard

Have you ever noticed a warning on your garden hose. Chances are it says, 'Not for Drinking Water'. "Every hose I found had that warning about how it could cause birth defects or other problems due to the chemicals that are in the hose," says Judy Barrick, garden hose shopper.

"The health concern with garden hoses made of Polyvinyl Chloride is that there are a lot of compounds that go into that plastic," says Michael Bergman, Lead Expert. Bergman says the biggest concern is many basic garden hoses include lead, which helps keep it flexible but lead is toxic. Those compounds may leach into the water as it goes through the hose.

Drinking from a hose doesn't immediately put you at risk - but doing it over and over again for some time can do some damage because toxic chemicals can build up in your tissue. So, Bergman says if you're one to grab the hose for a drink outside, just look for a garden hose that says "Safe for Drinking Water".

If you have to drink from a garden hose Bergman says a least flush it by running water a couple of minutes on your plants before taking a drink.

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