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Garage Sale Signs are an Eye Sore

You see them on almost every street corner. Garage sale signs in every size shape color and made out of anything you can imagine nailed to telephone poles. But Saturday, the City of Lubbock says before advertising for that next garage sale, make sure you do it right.

It's out with the old and in with the new. For Rita Robison, garage sales are a good way to earn extra money.

"We get rid of the old stuff, and we use the money to have fun with," says Rita.

But she says drawing dozens of bargain hunters is easy.

"I never advertise since I'm right on the corner here. We never advertise and folks flock out like you see," says Rita.

But most houses are not on street corners, so to draw a crowd many people place signs of all shapes and sizes on street corners. Peter Kern, Code Enforcer with the City of Lubbock, says not only are these signs an eye sore, but they're against city ordinance.

"Most of the signs we have trouble with are placed in the right of way or they're placed on telephone poles," says Kern.

Nails from signs left behind are also a nuisance.

"LP&L would climb the poles, the nails would hinder climbers," says Kern.

Kern says the biggest problem is most people aren't aware they're violating a city ordinance. And it's up to his crew to clean up.

"They'll see a sign, they'll pull it down. If they see any large ones in the intersection or in the right of way, we'll pull those," says Kern.

He says to advertise a garage sale you are welcome to place a sign in your yard or on your property, but not on public property. You are allowed to have three garage sales at the same location each year.

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