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Consider This...Quaran Burning

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The last time I checked there are an estimated 300 million people living in the United States; three hundred million, and yet, one pastor from a tiny church in Florida with 50 or so members is supposedly representative of the beliefs of the rest of the U.S. Come on.

Consider This: Although on so many levels I'm glad he cancelled his staged burning of the Quaran, the fact is this is America. People in other countries are stoned to death for minor crimes or offenses, but I guess that's okay. And even though this pastor didn't deserve all the attention, as long as he didn't break the law, he had every right to burn whatever he wanted. In fact we can do all sorts of things you can't do in other countries because we live in a democracy, the Land of the Free.

So here's a message the rest of the world should understand. Rather than getting bent out of shape that one guy out of 300 million was planning to burn a book, perhaps these other countries should look in the mirror at their own policies. They should consider that no matter how stupid the idea, our form of government wouldn't have stopped him, much less punished him. And that's the same freedom our soldiers in those other countries are fighting to protect.

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