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Thieves steal copper from downtown church

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Thieves stealing copper in broad daylight is bringing attention to what authorities say is a community wide problem.

The two thieves managed to steal copper downspouts, or drains, from the Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock. The church says it happened last Saturday at 10:30 a.m. catch on tape.

"I think they were hoping it would pull loose from the top. And it's obviously a longer piece it attached to a longer point up there so it didn't come apart the way they wanted," says Broadway Church of Christ operations manager, Rodney Thomas.

surveillance video shows the two suspects as they work to steal the copper drain. "It will probably cost us three or four hundred dollars to replace this," says Thomas.

The church says they've had copper drains for over thirty years and never had a problem. "We were really shocked that they took it and really disappointed they would steal from a church," says Thomas.

Elsewhere Jarvis Metal and Recycling says copper theft is a common problem because it can be sold for top dollar. The scrap yard says it sees about 700 people a day and everyone coming and going is entered into a law enforcement database tracking the sale.

"We work with pretty much every law enforcement organization. We don't want to buy stolen material," says Jarvis Metal and Recycling owner, David Bayouth.

With the church's copper drain being unique, Jarvis Metal and Recycling says if the bandits sold the metal and were entered into the system, they will be caught.

"We have a pretty good record of catching people and working with the law enforcement," says Bayouth.

With a click of the mouse the scrap yard can now print out a police report with the identification of the person, their vehicle license and exactly what they sold.

The church and police ask for your help to identify the thieves. If you have any information cal crime line at 741-1000 and as always you will remain anonymous.

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