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Microburst hits Dawson County causing storm damage

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

DAWSON COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - Some damage is left over after high winds and tornado like funnels filled the skies of Dawson County Thursday night.

For Eddie and Holly Mize Thursday night was one to remember.

"I just looked outside and the back fence, you couldn't see over it because it's so tall, but the rain was spinning around it in a circle because it is so tall," said Eddie Mize.

First it was the rain, and then the wind.

"I was really thinking the car port is going and our house is next, and you just start panicking, like ok what is happening, it scares you at first," said Holly Mize.

The storm lasted for about an hour and left their carport with some serious damage.

"I guess last fall we had the bad wind, we had a 74 mph wind and it shuck things around and rattled things around, but it didn't do near this kind of damage, so I know it was more wind than that," said Eddie.

Pat Vesper, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Midland came out to assess the aftermath, trying to figure out what exactly happened.

"Certainly there are some eyewitness reports that may suggest a land spout tornado occurred or some type of rotation that we would consider to be a tornado," said Vesper.

But what is responsible for the damage, Vesper says is a microburst, a strong draft of wind that goes in all directions, believed to hit 80 to 100 mph.

Lyntegar Electric workers wondered what caused 40 utility poles to be knocked down in the area.

"Oh man, it's been miserable, I'll tell you," said Bud Todd a journeyman lineman with Lyntegar.

As crews work overtime, early estimates show more then 200 people lost power Thursday night.

"I was out here when it hit and you couldn't see nothing in front of you, so it was just something else," said Todd.

On Friday they ran into another problem.

"Running into the mud, real mud, yeah it's bad," said Todd.

So whatever stormed through Dawson County last night, folks hope it's the last of the season.

A viewer captured footage of the storm, three miles north of Lamesa.To see more pictures of what appears to be a funnel cloud in Dawson County, or if you would like to upload your own, just go to www.senditto11.com.

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