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Local native stars in Hollywood hit Glee

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – An area boy from the small town of Kress journeys to Los Angeles to pursue a dream of a lifetime. Alex Galvan-Ortiz was offered a small role on the Golden Globe award winning show Glee.

"I didn't know what the role was and December of 2009 I flew out there and turns out it was for a small spot on Glee," says Alex.

Alex has done more in one year than most. He's had a lot of highs and a lot of lows. He went from missing the 2010 Olympics for speed skating by three seconds. But his journey did not end there, he started his new passion of acting.

"That was always my motive as a kid was to do something big with my life so I'm striving for it everyday," says Alex Galvan Ortiz.

Big is just a small word to describe Alex Galvan-Ortiz's talent. He went from Olympic desires to light the torch in Vancouver, to having his own blog and online video show, to seeing his Hollywood dreams come true. "I did a couple episodes and that's where it all started," says Alex.

His passion for action started when he got a call to have a small role on the hit show Glee. The episode titled "Laryngitis".

"We spent two hours doing a two minute take. It gives you a perspective on what kind of work that is and it's really tough work doing the same thing for hours and hours," says Alex.

Now coming back to the town that backed him through his speed skating days, people continue to follow his journey saying he's an inspiration. "It's humbling because you're in Los Angeles and you're by yourself. You work so hard and you never know if it's worth it. But when things like that happen and people tell you, you've inspired them," says Alex.

The 20-year-olds goals to do something big continue. Recently a Herff Jones national advertisement cam out with Alex in it. And now in a couple weeks he heads back to Los Angeles after a prestigious action school offered him a seat.

"Life is a mystery don't try and figure it out, don't waste your time trying to figure it out. So that's what I go by go with the moment, be in the moment. Live everyday to the fullest and see what the outcomes our," says Alex.

Alex says he plans to live by his mantra and continue acting in Hollywood taking it day by day. He also says his journey has inspired one of his friend's to pursue his own dreams to become a UFC fighter.

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