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Governor's Office Gives Lubbock Tactical Team Grant

To keep up with the latest in tactical gear, a division of Lubbock EMS will soon receive a $13,000 grant from the Governor's Office. The STAR Team consists of tactical paramedics certified to go behind police lines to provide medical treatment to a fallen officer or civilian. Because those situations are often dangerous, it is important that these specially trained paramedics are protected with the proper gear.

"What the STAR Team is trying to do, is stay where they are equipped from a safety standpoint on the same level as various tactical teams, whether it's sheriff's department, SWAT Team, or another tactical team. So they have the same caliber equipment in terms of bullet proof vests, goggles, gas masks that's what the thirteen thousand dollars is for," said John Grace, Criminal District Attorney.

The STAR Team has also received another $4,000 in private donations.

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