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During election time, there are laws for campaign signs

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – With campaign season heating up, the area will soon be sprinkled with campaign signs. But placing campaign signs on public land is illegal.  So before you stick that post into the ground, there are a few guidelines to consider.

  • It is illegal to place any signs on or within the right of way. This includes posting signs on trees, telephone poles, traffic signs, etc.
  • Campaign signs along Texas roads can be placed on private property with the owner's permission.
  • Signs must be made of lightweight material and be no larger than 50 square feet.
  • Campaign signs may be posted as early as 90 days before an election (no earlier) and must be removed within 10 days after the election.
  • Before placing a sign inside city limits, check with the city for applicable ordinances.

TxDOT officials say the laws are intended for the safety of the traveling public.

TxDOT may immediately and without prior notice remove a sign placed on state highway right of way, if the sign is not authorized by state law or approved by the department. Signs found to be potential safety hazards will be removed immediately. Violators may also be charged for removal of illegally placed signs.

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