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A Lubbock man gets 97 years for murder

John Lockard John Lockard

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The jury gave 40-year-old John Lockard 97 years in prison for a 2008 murder. When the punishment was read, Lockard's family cried and quickly left the room.

Tuesday, Lockard found it difficult to keep quiet during the proceedings and was removed from the courtroom. Now, he has made another surprising move. John Lockard gave up his 5th amendment right and took the stand, testifying as a witness. While on the stand, he confessed to killing his 95-year-old grandfather R.K. Flippin.

Lockard admitted to shooting his grandfather in the head and neck with a shot gun. He admitted to the murder on 911 calls, both written and audio police statements and his own testimony.

However Lockard's family thinks there is more evidence to the case. "I think there is evidence that was not touched. It would have gone in Johnny's favor. We are hoping that he gets the mental help that he needs, and we feel there's more to this case than was brought up," says the victim's grandson, David Flippin.

Lockard said he and his grandfather were always close. His sister says Flippin raised Lockard since he was a toddler. But for some reason, he did not get much sleep the night before the shooting. He says he does not know why he killed Flippin, except to say that it must have been "God's will."

His family says they are not mad at him. "If Johnny watches this, I love you, and I'm not made at you. No body is mad at you. So please, don't think we're mad at you, because we still love you," says Lockard's sister, Tammy Cook.

While in deliberation, the jury took two hours to come up with a verdict. They listened to audio testimony and asked the judge how long life in prison would be.   

It took five hours to come up with the punishment. Lockard will be eligible for parole after 30 years of his sentence.

Lockard pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and faced from five to 99 years.

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