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Local bride is left without a venue for her wedding

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A local man who leased Club X on the Slaton Highway, says he ran out of money and is filing for bankruptcy leaving a bride, the venue owner and many others left in the dark.

The bride's sister and maid of honor, Valerie Alcorta says Club X on Slaton Road took a $300 down payment in May for her sister's reception then shortly closed without warning. She says it was too good to be true.

"They said on Saturday it would be a lot of money, but they would give us a deal on Friday. We would have the place, the dj and security all for 600 dollars, which we kind of were like oh my god!" the bride's sister, Valerie Alcorta.

After numerous calls and months later, Alcorta says she never heard back or been reimbursed from Club X who leases their building from the Carriage House Inn. She says she went to the Carriage house to find answers from the manager.

"We gave him a deposit and booked for a wedding October 15th. A lot of people have been coming to him saying they've had a party scheduled and nobody can get a hold of him," says Alcorta.

The couple, Jennifer Arredondo and Pete Mata Jr., have been together nine years. They have a new baby and just wanted to make it official. Now their wedding dreams have been shattered after losing their down payment and not being able to get in touch with Club X.

"We have been trying to contact him to see the table to get the table cloths and he hadn't contacted us back. It has been about a month we have been trying to contact him," says Alcorta.

Now all they're left with is a receipt with the wrong date written on it and no place to have the reception.

"I know we only put 300 and others put down 1000, but still it's wrong. This is her dream wedding," says Alcorta.

The owner of Carriage House Inn who leased the venue is also a victim. Steve Tran, the owner, say the leaser of Club X suddenly left not paying rent when they have a year long contract ending January 31, 2011.

"He just ran off, he hadn't paid rent for many months so I had to take the building back," says Carriage House Inn Owner, Steve Tran.

Tran feels bad for all the people who all the people who lost their money. "I'm really sorry for the people who lost their money," says Tran.

For the bride, until they find a new venue they will continue to search. "As of know we're just looking for a place. We might have to postpone it," says Alcorta.

This family isn't alone. More people have contact KCBD telling us they lost money too, some lost thousands.

So we asked the tough questions to the leaser of Club X, Robert Flores who left suddenly with people's money. He says he lives in Dallas and would not comment on a recorded interview. Flores says he is filing for bankruptcy and owes money to a few people and plans to pay everyone back.

Here are some tips to differ you from heartaches like this. Be true to check with the Better Business Bureau and make sure you get receipt and proper documentation from the business.

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