The Red Raiders defense is ready for Saturday's challenge

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Red Raiders defense is ready for Saturday's challenge with 5 interceptions in two games; they'll pressure Texas' young quarterback. So far, Tech has seven turnovers this season under new defensive coordinator James Willis. Texas will be a big test but it comes down to execution on Saturday.

"Who makes the least mistakes, I think that will be a huge factor between those two guys," said Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Tommy Tuberville. "They have advantage on defense because they've been doing this. It's a complex defense as they've been doing it for a while. It'll be interesting to see how we hold our own defensively in terms of executing what we tried to do first 2 weeks, which we've done pretty well at times and sometimes we haven't looked very good."

"Our secondary tries to have a goal to get three turnovers every game, so far we've been doing very well at that," said defensive cornerback Will Ford. "We only had two interceptions last week but we also had a fumble recovery. We're doing well as a defense to force turnovers."

"More like the Alabama defense this year, very multiple, where last year they pretty much played base defense," said Texas head coach Mack Brown. "Since Coach Willis came from Alabama we'll see a game plan that won the National Championship. Run blitzing, a lot of movement there, and 42, or 46 percent blitz in first two ball games. They've got off to fast starts, and we have not."

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