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Tailgaters at big game talk pre game rituals

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – They've pitched tents, parked R-V's and braved Mother Nature's elements for the best tailgate spot in town.

"This week is a lot different than most weeks. It's pretty exciting around here," says Tech fan, Clark Kelcy.

Parking lots are full with tailgaters before kickoff. Everywhere you walk you can see red and orange. But we talked to some people who have been here since 8 o'clock this morning and some who have some interesting rituals before the big game.

"I have to have a dress and a flower in my hair. A flower for sure. We beat SMU with the flower, so the flower is going to stay the whole season," says Tech fan, Chelsea Chumbley.

"I can't really disclose those rituals to be honest with you, but we do have rituals," says Tech fan, Larry Davisson.

It's a matchup between the Red Raiders and Longhorns everyone's been waiting for, bringing the tailgaters in full force. But one party found a way for everyone to find their tailgate.

"He called me and text me and said I need a flag so I can find y'alls tailgating spot. I said I don't know if I can do a flag, but we figured out we could hang Bevo and he could find our tailgating spot," says Tech fan, Mike Henson.

One divided family with a UT husband and Tech wife created a unique ritual ten years ago involving a pickled hot dog.

"10 years ago we bought one, I ate one and they said here I bought you one too. I said I don't want it, so I stuck it on the antenna. I said if it makes it all the way to Lubbock I'll eat it. And that thing blowing all over the place stayed on till we pulled in the parking lot. It had flies and bugs, it had road rash on it," says UT fan, Mike Strickland.

Every year these rituals bring fans the luck they hope will score the win for their team. "It will be a red out, everybody in red, everybody's guns are up," says Davisson.

"It's a tough place to play here; we are probably 50/50 on the games that are up here. The other tradition is if we lose I usually crawl in the very back and fall asleep," says Henson.
With kick off around the corner, some people didn't get the opportunity to shell out the big bucks to attend the game, so they plan to watch it at tailgates near the stadium.

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