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LISD's campaign hopes to get dropouts back in school

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On a Saturday morning mission, volunteers and Lubbock school district knocked on the doors of student's that didn't finish high school, hoping to get them back in the classroom. "We'd love to have them back in school and we'll work with them to overcome whatever obstacles they have," said LISD Superintendent Karin Garza. 

It's called Expectation Graduation. More than 200 people volunteered their Saturday morning to help get students the help they needed to go back to school. "What we want them to know is that there are always options for them that just because they had an experience and they weren't able to finish high school, that doesn't mean that doesn't mean those options are closed to them forever," said teacher Mildred Ellis-Farmer. 

Several students committed to coming back, and even more are thinking about it. D'Ann Garza knows what she wants to do. "I want my diploma for her [daughter]. It'll give me a better job and allow me to go to college. I'll be able to do better for her and as she sees me getting my diploma and going to college, she'll want to get up and do it too," D'Ann said. 

If you missed the LISD volunteers knock, they should have left you with information and a phone number to reach a guidance counselor who can help get you back in school. That number is (806)-766-1154.

The district is able to assist with daycare and other services with help from partner agencies. They didn't want kids to miss out on a second chance. "I thought since I hadn't been there [school] in so long that they wouldn't want me back, but then when they came here to my door I was like oh well I guess I better take the chance because then they might not come back," said Diana Villegas. 

Daniella Rogers was so moved by the visit that she immediately filled out the paperwork to get back in the classroom. "Instead of just forgetting about me like other kids that never went back to school just you know go on and nobody would try and contact them but I'm just really happy that somebody actually contacted me and actually cared," Daniella said.

Diana has this message for other student's with obstacles to overcome. "If you think that there's nobody out there that doesn't care, it's not true. You just need to go out there and find that person because somebody is always there to help you."

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