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A loss for Tech, but a win for Lubbock business


By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – While Texas Tech fans suffered a loss at Saturday night's game, local businesses walked away with a win.

The Jones AT&T Stadium was packed with a record number of screaming fans holding their guns up high, but at the end of the fourth quarter those high hopes quickly fell. "Words can't describe right now, it's incredibly disappointing," said Texas Tech fan Patrick Hildretch.

While UT fans triumphed, local businesses felt the same victory. "We usually close at midnight, maybe get out at 12:30a.m. but we ended up staying open to about 2:30 a.m. We had people still coming in late at night just trying to get some food," said One Guy From Italy employee Brandon Brewer.

With lines out of the door, One Guy pizza place across from the stadium filled up with fans and brought in more money than usual. "I know it's definitely the busiest night I've ever worked for sure. I think we seat about 60 or so and it was constantly full; a line to the door," said Brewer.

One Guys wasn't the only one. Ruby Tequila's North already had a game plan anticipating the big crowds.  They doubled their servers to 24, rented out extra porter potties for outside, and had sheriffs patrolling the capacity filled cantina. 

Tech wasn't the only one breaking records. When comparing last night's business to the same time last year, this Ruby Tequila's set a company record across the state tripling their normal sales.

This may have been a loss for Tech, but it'll go down as win for Lubbock businesses.

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