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Consider This...BIG Tax Increase is coming

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - To anyone who pays utility fees to the City of Lubbock. Make no mistake; City Council has imposed a major tax increase on all of us.

Here's the deal. Council voted on a conservative tax increase approved by voters for bond projects. It will raise about a million dollars.

That's not where I have a problem. My issue is they also voted to increase your bill for water, wastewater, storm water, and solid waste to an amount that will give them $12.4 million more than last year. $12.4 million! That's the equivalent of a 12 cent tax increase.

Consider this: No Lubbock City Council, or management for that matter, could ever get away with a 12 cent tax increase without voter approval first. And they know that, so they take it from you anyway by increasing fees on things you can't live without, like water. They take $12 million from me and you and then brag about controlling the tax rate. Frankly, I'd rather them raise my taxes 12 cents and face the consequences come election day, instead of slowly boiling me to death in fees. It's just wrong. And most of them won't stand up for their electorate and fight the bureaucrats at city hall during a major economic recession. And that's the problem not just with Lubbock, but politicians across the country that are addicted to growing government.

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