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Food for Thought Report 6.12

Thirty-seven local food establishments kept city health inspectors busy this week. This time the Top Performers reign supreme, serving up everything from juicy steaks to piled-high sandwiches. And there's just one Low Performing place.

Food for Thought 6.12
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 6/12/03.
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Cantu's Grill at 220 Regis leads the charge with zero critical violations. This North Lubbock restaurant features food with a history. "It's all cooked by my mother and it's just family recipes that we've had for years and years," says Rosanna Cantu.

Good food in a clean restaurant is the goal for this family operation. "If we're not cooking food we are constantly cleaning, there's codes that we have to follow, rules and regulations and we make sure to do that."

Cantu's is no stranger to perfection--they've gotten 4 perfect scores at their old location--they've been in their new location for three weeks and they want to keep the tradition of excellence going. "I want them to expect high quality food, good service, cleanliness."

Now on to a South Lubbock spot that specializes in home cooked favorites. 82nd Street Cafe at 3416 82nd gets zero critical violations this week making them a Food for Thought Top Performer.

Next time you need someone to do the cooking for you, remember Ambrosia catering at 4208 Boston, where another perfect score was found.

Bryan's Steakhouse is no stranger to the Top Performing list. This long time Lubbock favorite located at 1212 50th Street earns another perfect score this week.

Funny name, serious sandwich, and a perfect score. Schlotzsky's at 5204 Slide road slices it right with zero critical violations.

America's drive in puts the pedal to the metal with a perfect score. Sonic at 4904 Indiana is another Food for Thought Top Performer.

The United Supermarket at 2630 Parkway makes good twice this week, with perfect scores in their grocery and meat departments.

The only Low Performer this time is George's at 6914 82nd St. That's where four critical violations were found. Violations including:

  • Hard boiled eggs found at 65 degrees. Hot foods must be kept at 140 degrees or warmer.
  • There was potential for cross contamination--an employee was seen wiping their hands on a soiled apron.
  • Potentially hazardous ready to eat food items were not date marked.
  • A hand washing station was blocked by boxes.

The Manager at George's tells NewsChannel 11 they try to keep everything clean and updated and everything has been corrected. The report shows all critical violations were corrected on site.

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