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Rain stops just before another successful Hub City BBQ

By Michael Slother - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -  The 9th Annual Hub City Barbeque was going on rain or shine. An hour before it started, the skies didn't look too friendly. "I like it, it's cool. It's rain off and on but it's nothing to get scared about," said Arthur Garcia, who spent the time cutting his brisket.

The other cooks kept their eyes on the smokers, and ignored the skies. The crew monitoring the soundboard had their tarps out as the rain came down, but Terry Aiken expected a crowd regardless."Well we're expecting a real good turnout. I don't know how many cooks they've got out here but it looks like they've probably got over 100 cooks and the Kinky Wizards are playing tonight so there ought to be a crowd," Aiken said.

Suddenlink presented this years event and said canceling was never an option.  "Oh come on, we've been cooking since yesterday. This is part of it. Some years it rains, some years we burn up," said Suddenlink marketing manager Alona Beesinger.

The cooks all had a good attitude despite the rain. "Let it come down, we need it, but it ain't gonna stop us from cooking," Miguel Flores said.

Once it was 5 o'clock, the gates opened and the sun showed up. "Actually I didn't know if we were gonna make it out here, but we waited till 5, and it's beautiful. I'm loving it," said Katy Dodd. She was most excited about seeing the Kinky Wizards, the headline band for the night.

There were 1,500 advanced tickets sold, and even more showed up at the door. "It's just a good time in Lubbock to come out and see your friends and eat a little bit, enjoy the barbeque," Beesinger said.

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