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HealthWise at 5 From 6.13

  • Smoking Skills

Smokers who are shy or depressed need some extra help kicking their smoking habit. That's the finding of a study at the University of Warwick in England where researchers studied the personalities of smokers who wanted to quit but couldn't. They found that people who were introverts relied on cigarettes to help them deal with their shyness in social situations. Smokers who felt depressed used cigarettes to help them cope with their negative feelings. So, instead of just buying into various medical remedies to give up cigarettes, and the researchers recommend counseling to increase confidence and to address the real issues that keep people form putting out their cigarettes.

  • Bike Helmets

Summer means more kids are outside. What a better way for kids to zip around the neighborhood than on a bicycle. Unfortunately, that also means there will be accidents. For those kids not wearing helmets, the biggest fear is a head injury. The injury alone is enough to worry about. The Lubbock Crosby GarzaMedical Society says there is another problem. It's hard to find neurosurgeons today who are willing to specialize in pediatrics.

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