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Plans for Mass Immunizations at LISD Schools

In February, 40 city health care workers were vaccinated for Smallpox. But what would happen if the entire population of Lubbock needed an emergency vaccine. Now, the Lubbock Board of Health has a plan for all thirty two of Lubbock's elementary schools. 

The Lubbock Board of Health is pushing to designate LISD schools as mass vaccination sites. "It's an interlocal agreement between LISD and the city to utilize existing school space in case we need to have any kind of mass immunization campaign conducted," says Tommy Camden, Lubbock Health Director.

The recommendation was made by the TDH to use schools across the state as vaccination sites. Because of they're convenience and practicality.  "The general public knows where the schools are at their certain localities of the outbreak ocurring the schools are easily identifiable," says Camden.

Schools would be shut down, turned into massive makeshift clinics for outbreaks such as Smallpox, Measles or even the Flu. "That would only take place in the event of a mass disaster of any kind," says Camden.

The plan requires local hospital doctors and nurses to respond to each neighborhood school. "On a mass outbreak we may need to utilize other existing staff other physicians other nurses and certainly other sites and this is the planning to enter in these other schools sites in LISD."

The board of health will take their new plan to be approved by LISD and the Lubbock City Council next month.

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