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Pre-trial testimony, Tulsa corruption w/ ex-Lubbock officer

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Tulsa Oklahoma corruption case involving a former Lubbock police officer just keeps getting bigger.  Former ATF Agent and former LPD officer Brandon McFadden, who now lives in Lubbock County, is one of two former officers to plead guilty in the case.  McFadden had been assigned to Tulsa as an ATF agent during the time in question, which was January 2007 through October 2008.  

According to the Tulsa World newspaper, Deputy Police Chief Mark McCrory testified in pre-trial hearings on Thursday that one retired police officer had been implicated in a burglary ring that reached into surrounding states.  This would be in addition to the current corruption case, according to McCrory's testimony. 

Nineteen people have been freed from prison or had their charges dropped, because officers were found to have lied and/or bribed witnesses in various criminal cases.  Officers are also accused of stealing drugs and money from suspected drug dealers. 

Meanwhile federal prosecutors claim that Tulsa police are intimidating witnesses by investigating them for possible crimes.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Pat Harris is quoted in the Tulsa World as saying, "It seems like when one of our witnesses become known to the public, that person gets investigated."

McCrory disputes the claim.  In his testimony he says that drug dealers should not get a free pass just because they are potential witnesses in a federal case.

Six Tulsa police officers plus McFadden have been charged in the corruption case. McFadden will be sentenced at a later date to at least five years in prison, but not more than 40 years.

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