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Family takes 50th photo at South Plains Fair

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A local baseball legend and his wife took their 50th consecutive picture at the South Plains Fair photo booth this weekend, a tradition they say helped set a record and could set another.

In 1961 Bobby Moegle took his then girlfriend Carolyn for a date to the South Plains Fair, but little did they know it was the beginning of a family tradition.  "We started dating when I was a sophomore in college and he was coaching at Monterey High School," said Carolyn Moegle. "On a lark we got to the fair booth and got our picture taken."

They returned the next year and after coaching a good baseball season, the couple couldn't help but take another photo. "In the coaching business you're superstitious about everything you do," said Bobby Moegle. "By the third year we had to have our picture made to ensure we'd have another winning season," Carolyn said.

Not missing a photo for 50 years, the Moegles give their unique tradition the credit for Bobby's baseball success. Retiring in 1999, Bobby went down in history for coaching the most wins in the U.S.

Aside from that record, the Moegles now hope their fair photos will have a spot in the Guinness World Book of Records as the most consecutive photos in a photo booth taken at the same place.

Regardless if the photos break a second record, the couple says their happy to have snap shots documenting their marriage. "In 1966 is when Sherry was born, and in 1969 we had another daughter," said Carolyn. "It was kind of a joke until we hit about the 30th year and we got really serious about it."

But as their two daughters got older, it became harder to keep the tradition going. "Sherry ended up in Mississippi and we had to buy her a ticket to fly back, and that's termed our most expensive fair picture," said Carolyn.

It was no laughing matter, and not just anyone could join in on the fun. In 1990 Sherry got engaged, but her fiancé couldn't have a seat in the booth until he was officially a part of the family.  "No trespassing not until he was married," said Bobby.

Years passed by and after four grandchildren, each year the Moegles squeeze in ten people into the small photo booth. Only one son-in-law dared break their tradition. "Craig had an unexcused absence. He went hunting, and his crops were not too good that year," said Carolyn. "So he'll never miss another one."

The other son-in-law was granted a free pass in 2009 while he was working in China. "We put his picture on a stick and he rounded off the final ten. He got in the booth even though his picture was on a stick," said Bobby.

"It's hard but they do look forward to it and I don't think they'd want to miss it especially someone like Craig who wants to have a good crop," said Carolyn laughing.

For them these pictures are more than a paper and a photo album. It's their story. "We've kind of used them as an example of the success we've had that goes back to the fair pictures," said Bobby. "It's just a real good snap shot of your whole life."

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