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NBC's Education Nation summit aims at improving education in America

(NBC) - At a town hall kicking off education nation, teachers from around the country highlighted ways to inspire children in the classroom. "All students can learn, as long as teachers are committed, passionate and held accountable to standards," said one teacher.

Many also voiced frustration and searched for ways to improve the nation's education system. Teacher Tim Bailey said, "There shouldn't be a lottery for a good education."

From the controversy surrounding charter schools to teachers feeling blamed for the problems, one thing teachers, educators and many Americans agree on is that children deserve better in schools.

A recent poll shows 77 percent of Americans give public schools a grade of "c" or lower and 58 percent believe major changes or complete overhaul is needed.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said, "We have to educate our way to a better economy." The new documentary "Waiting For Superman" attempts to underscore some of the struggles facing families.

It shows how five students and parents, from Harlem to Silicon Valley, navigate through a lottery system to get out of failing neighborhood schools and into public charter schools.

Luck of the draw paths for many, that whether on the big screen or in the classroom, will shape the way they learn and dream.

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