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Speed bumps cause fuss; more fuss now that they're gone

By Michael Slother | email  

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Lindsay Carlile and Charlcie Mosser are neighbors on 154th street. When a gym opened up at the end of their road in Lubbock County, they paid $1,600 each to install speed bumps, hoping drivers would slow down. "A gym opened up out here and we started getting a lot of traffic," said Carlile.

It's not just the volume of traffic, but the habits of the drivers that worries neighbors like Mosser. "At times you will see people on their cell phones coming down the street at 50 or 60 miles per hour," she said.

The plan to use speed bumps backfired. "Drivers were driving through peoples yards to avoid the speed bumps," said Lubbock County Commissioner Bill McCay.

The county looked into the matter and discovered the speed bumps can't legally be placed on a public road. On Tuesday evening workers removed them, and Mosser fears things will go back to the way they were. "They're going to pick up speed again and it'll be like it was two years ago."

McCay says there's no easy solution, other than making sure the area is patrolled. "As the sheriff tries to step up patrol hopefully having a patrol officer out there from time to time will communicate clearly to those driving to the facility that they could get a ticket for speeding." 

Mosser says people living on the street call the sheriff's office regularly, but they have yet to see one on patrol. She fears for the safety of the kids who play nearby. "Our kids are out there and balls are rolling in the street. We're concerned that something's going to happen to one of the kids," she said.

McCay says he's interested in installing speed limit signs. They're not normally posted on county roads, but since the gym is there he says it's a ‘unique situation.' He also says the street wasn't built to handle the commercial traffic of a gym. Due to zoning laws, he had no say in the matter. He urges patrons of the facility to be respectful of the residents who actually live on the street. "I would hope that drivers who use this road would drive down it like it was their street."

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