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Keeping your kids safe at the South Plains Fair

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - There are lots of fun distractions at the Panhandle South Plains Fair, from animals, to the rides and games. With so much to look at, sometimes young kids get separated from their families.

Lubbock Police give some advice that may help keep you and your kids together. One thing you can do before you leave home is take a marker and write your cell phone number on your little one's arm; that way, if they do get lost, officers are just one call away from reuniting you with your children.

Corporal Mark Long with the Lubbock Police Department says that even if your child can't really talk, all he or she has to do is hold out their arm. He adds to be sure to tell your children to stay where they are if they lose you and to look for someone in uniform. Parents should also notify someone in uniform right away.

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