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River Smith's uses local products supporting Go Texan

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – The annual Go Texan Restaurant Round Up continues this week pairing restaurants with local farmers and ranchers to bring us great Texas cuisine.

The Texas Department of Agriculture puts on the event every year with about 400 restaurants throughout the state to strengthen the overall agriculture industry.

River Smith's is just one of the many restaurants participating by using local meats and products.

"We go out and look for them and the Texas Department of Agriculture helps us find those people who are selling local products," said River Smith's Manager, Paul Corcorran.

Corcorran said their local products come from around Lubbock and they even use cotton seed oil to cook their food. By cooking in a local product and buying meat from next door, farmers appreciate River Smith's business. Corcorran said farmers give back for all the support by getting their events catered by the restaurant.

Customers can also support local restaurants, farmers and ranchers this week just by dining out.

"They can help their local farmers. A lot of times we rely on them to keep the economy going. So this is one way for them to give back," said Corcorran.

And by giving back they can taste the delicious food while knowing where it's coming from.

"A lot of people ask, with everything going on they want to know where the products coming from. When you can say it's coming from next door it's always a great thing to have," said Corcorran.

River Smith's will be featuring chicken fried steak for $6.99 this week.

We will be featuring a different restaurant Friday on KCBD NewsChannel 11's Daybreak Today.

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