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Abernathy woman claims sexism by Red Cross female boss

By James Clark | email 

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – An Abernathy woman sues the American Red Cross, saying she was fired by her female supervisor for sexual discrimination.  The original lawsuit was filed in state court in August.  It was moved Wednesday to Lubbock federal court.

Evonne Cooke claims that the Red Cross Lubbock Chapter's CEO would order her to color her hair to hide graying.  Cooke says her boss also drove her to a store and ordered her to buy clothing that was not needed for her job.  And Cooke goes on to claim that her boss made her to cook and clean, which was outside her job duties.

Cooke goes on to say that her female boss treated male coworkers better than her.  And when she filed a written complaint in 2009, she says her boss fired her.

Cooke also claims that the Red Cross gives negative information to perspective employers as she looks for a new job.

The Red Cross filed a one-page, hand-written response in court records, denying the charges and asking the Cooke take nothing from the lawsuit.  Red Cross now has a local attorney as well as a law firm in the nation's capital.

A Washington D.C.-based attorney for the Red Cross had no comment.

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