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Search for armed robber suspected in 2 store heists continues


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Lubbock, TX (KCBD) – The search continues for an armed robber in Lubbock. Thursday afternoon police were called back to a store help-up on Monday when an employee there thought the suspect had returned. Police did not find the man, but they are urging all small businesses to keep an eye out.

They say the man who has held up two local stores may disguise himself as a customer and even talk with employees only to come back later demanding money at knife point.

"There is the possibility he could be casing a store as we speak," said Lt. Neal Barron. No sooner did KCBD NewsChannel 11 sit down with Lt. Barron for an interview around 4:30 did officers get a call from a Wild Oats employee. She thought there was a man inside the store matching the description of the man who tried to rob the boutique Monday.

Officers responded to the store on slide, walking door to door, but whoever was inside disappeared.

Police suspect the man they are looking for to be involved in two robberies. Investigators believe he loiters around stores, makes small talk with employees and around closing time, or 5 p.m., pulls a knife demanding money.

"You want to be friendly and have customers come back but common sense will prevail.

LPD needs help putting a name with the face in pictures. "Any little lead, a first name or last name or vehicle description," said Lt. Barron.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male 5 feet 8 inches tall. Police say he weighs around 200 pounds and has tattoos on his neck and arms.

Last Thursday, police believe the same man spent hours wandering in and out of stores near DeVault Floral. Around closing time, he forced two employees into the office at knife point and ran away with cash.

"All business owners in strip malls just need to keep an eye on other businesses and keep an eye on people going from business to business who maybe come back later for no particular reason," said Lt. Barron who adds that the Wild Oats employee did exactly what he urges others to do which is call police immediately.

If you can identify the suspect, call CrimeLine at 741-1000.

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