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Food for Thought - Fair food calories 9.30

It's a once-a-year experience for many, and you might actually be surprised to learn that it's not all bad. In addition to that though, what you think is good, most likely isn't.


• Corn-on-the-cob with butter

     About 200 calories

     12 grams of fat (mostly from the butter)

     Walk 2 miles at a moderate pace to burn off those kernels


• Texas-size Corn Dog (foot long corn dog) 

   About 400 calories

   24 grams of fat (about one-third of the recommended daily intake)

   4.3 miles to burn off that double dog


• Fried Cheese

   Almost 700 calories

   38 grams of fat

   One of those will take about 8.1 miles to work off


• Texas Twister Fries

   Nearly 1,500 calories

   57 grams of fat

   Start walking - this one will be about 18 miles worth of walking


• Smoked Turkey Leg

   1135 calories

   54 fat grams (that's a full day's fat supply)

   Roughly 15 miles to burn it off


And when it comes to the sweets...

• One Fried Oreo - 98 calories

• Cotton Candy - 150 calories

• Kettle Corn (3 cups) - 210 calories

• Frozen Banana w/chocolate - 240 calories

• Small Funnel Cake - 280 calories

• Carmel Apple - 400 calories

• Fried Twinkie - 420 calories

• Fried Snickers - 440


While you may feel guilty about all those calories, here's something you can feel good about: the money you spend benefits a lot of local and area non-profit organizations.


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