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Tech has been consistently inconsistent

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - After some first half inconsistency, the Red Raiders rallied from 24 points down to tie the game, but the Cyclones pulled away late to keep Tech winless in the conference. While they played better in the 2nd half, this team has been consistently inconsistent and hopes to improve on that this week.

"If you look at it, and ya'll heard me say this, and ya'll are probably tired of it, but during the SMU game if you go back to the game in the second and third quarter we looked pretty good," said Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown. "If you go back to the New Mexico game there were times that in the first half and times in the fourth quarter that we looked pretty good. This was the first time we really put it together and played, and consistently drive after drive move the ball. Some of that had to do with we were playing at a good tempo. We were able to run the ball much more efficiently than we have in the past. But the number one thing is our guys are making plays, when we started making plays our guys were playing well. When we struggled in the first half it didn't have anything to do with plays it had to do with drops."

"Very, very rarely is it there fault if they drop the ball, they have more important things to worry about you know, guys flying at them at 150 miles per hour, 300 lbs running after them," said Texas Tech Quarterback Taylor Potts. "So it is my job to put the ball in a spot where it is easy to catch, and for them to get up the field and make a play. That is what they are concerned with is getting extra yards, making plays, getting first downs, and that kind of stuff. It's my job to make it easy on them and given them a good ball that they can catch."

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