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Police Cracking Down on Residential Speeders

73rd and Chicago is just one of about a dozen neighborhoods NewsChannel has visited in recent weeks, trying to bring attention to the speeding problem in Lubbock. You might have seen our new segment on Tuesday nights called Streets of Speed. Now, the Lubbock Police Department says they too have taken note, and have now brought their speed guns to residential streets. Trying to slow Lubbock drivers down.

You've seen NewsChannel 11's Burt Mummolo yelling at speeders each week trying to get them to slow down! Now, you'll see more of these police patrolling for speeders in your neighborhood. "We work, anywhere, from 7 in the morning til late afternoon. There's plenty of traffic out here to work. There's plenty more work to do," says Sgt. B.K. Hurst of LPD.

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He says they keep track of problem areas through phone calls from residents and even by watching Streets of Speed. "We do keep track of it. I think it's good the TV stations do what they do, it's a public service. Sgt B.K. Hurst says speeding problems are everywhere, but 73rd and Chicago is one of their prime locations.

"An area like 73rd and Chicago is really good in the morning time. People they just got out of bed, got ready and they're going to work. Most of the time they're in a rush because they overslept and taking too long," says Hurst.

Another prime time for speeding, people rushing home for lunch.  Sergeant Hurst took a break from our interview to chase down this speeder. "He's running 44 back in the 2200 block before he came to the stop sign," says Hurst.

That's what residents like Cecliey Cox say they're tired of. "They speed through here like it's a speed course! One time there's gonna be a child on the bike, what are they gonna say, I'm sorry, that doesn't bring the child back and that's what annoys me."

So if you choose to speed, odds are our cameras will catch you and so will the Lubbock Police Department. 

We do want to point out, there have already been 18 traffic fatalities this year, you guessed it, the majority caused by speeding! Seargeant Hurst says it's a problem everyone can do something about, slow down!

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