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Consider This...Price of Progress

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's easy to complain about traffic delays with all the major road projects underway in Lubbock. I get frustrated while driving down 82nd street, navigating through detours on the Marsha Sharp Freeway project, or just trying to get into the carwash on University. About a dozen projects are underway and a dozen more are coming.

Well here is some good news. The city really does have a long term plan to give drivers better, longer lasting roads. I'm told that plan will make the old gravel and tar patch jobs a thing of the past. Instead we'll use newly designed chemicals and real asphalt to rehabilitate current roads. As for new roads…..the plan is for crews to replace a couple of miles of road every year until all major thoroughfares are concrete, which costs more but ultimately means less potholes and about twice the road life as asphalt. You may have also noticed the frontage roads on the south loop have a brand new asphalt overlay instead of that awful gravel and tar.

Consider this: I agree road construction is frustrating, especially if you have to navigate it every day. But the bottom line is Lubbock citizens, me included, have complained about city roads for years. And it appears we finally have a long term plan that makes sense. So the next time you are delayed by a long line of orange barrels, consider it the price of progress in our great and growing city.

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