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The Aussie Outback Indoor Grill: Does It Work?

Get a load of this As Seen On TV product, says you can barbecue indoors with this, Aussie's Outback Indoor Barbecue.

Supposedly it turns your stove into a smokeless indoor barbecue. We'll see about that. We have pork chops. We'll see how well these cook up on the Aussie Barbecue Grill.

This is how it works. All you do is place the lava rocks and pour the water into the water channel. That's supposed to give off a barbecue flavor. I'll put the chops and the veggies on the grill and wait.

It may sound good, but it's not looking so good. The outside pieces aren't cooking fast as the center pieces are. So, I started rotating the meat, maybe that would help. Still pink and it's been 35 minutes.

Looks like this indoor grill needs to head back to the outback, because it doesn't work.

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