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Sign of the times, Democrats vs. Republicans

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – It's war between both political parties and you can see signs of times. With 26 days before election day the democrats and the republicans are in a horse race to come out on top.

Both political parties are pushing for votes by putting out red, white and blue signs everywhere you look. It used to be just about putting up signs, but now there are different tactics.

"We are getting signs out, we are doing a strike force, we have phone banks running," said Lubbock County Republican Party Chair, Chris Winn.

This year the Lubbock County Democratic Party decided to send out a letter to local democrats attached with an application for a ballot by mail, some the Secretary of State used to fund. They say this is a simple yet clever idea to bring in more votes. Something both parties want to win at.

"We are know responding to that, it's a race to put signs in yards," said Lubbock Winn.

"We're putting up signs all over town. We want name recognition. We want people paying attention to the fact that there is a crucial, vital election coming up," said Lubbock County Democratic Party Chair, Pam Brink.

This year is unlike any other midterm election and campaign tactics are in plain sight. "When people do their jobs right, there's always a little bit of conflict between the parties," said Brink.

The republicans and democrats are more active than ever to get support for their local candidates. "We've got contested races at the state reposition. John Frullo, Carl Morgan, we have Judge head at the county with John Miller. We have Randy Neugebauer and Andy Wilson," said Winn.

And it's not just any corner that you'll see political flair. Property owners choose which side they want to root for.

"We are energized, because the potential we have with this great ticket," said Brink.

And what goes on in D.C. will trickle down on votes made right here on the ticket in the South Plains.

"Your vote counts, republican, democratic, libertarian, independent, tea party, all of the votes count in this election. Nov. 2nd. Early voting will be important. Get out early and participate in this election because it's going to change our election," said Winn.

"Please come out and vote, and vote the democratic ticket, it is a mighty fine ticket," said Brink.

As a reminder early voting starts October 18th and election day is November 2nd. (Click Here) for more information on each candidate and with their bios.

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