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Celebrating Juneteenth in the Hub City

Thursday marks 'Juneteenth', the oldest known celebration of the ending of slavery. On June 19th 1865, slaves in Texas learned they had been set free two and a half years after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Hub City Juneteenth Activities
Take a look at the events and activities planned for this year's Juneteenth Celebration.
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Here in Lubbock, the celebration continued today (Thursday).

"On June 19th the slaves in Texas received the official word that the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed and even though it happened two years earlier and everyone else was celebrating freedom and trying to figure out what to do with it, they were just coming into the knowledge that they were free. And no longer did they have to look at another man as master but look at him as brother," said Don Armstead, Pastor Great St. Mark Baptist Church.

Meanwhile, the original Emancipation Proclamation went on display today in San Antonio. It's the first time the document has been in the city since 1948. It will be on display through Saturday.

Lubbock City Councilman TJ Patterson knows the importance of Juneteenth. He says the history of our country is just as important to embrace, as the future.

"My grandmother was born a slave child in 1862, so it's more than just celebrating but its recalling from which you come. We all our Americans, white, black, brown, yellow what have you. This day and time we are red, white and blue but you can never forget from which you come," says Councilman Patterson.

Patterson encourages all Lubbockities to attend the Juneteenth celebrations this weekend.

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