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Texas Tech fans react to Court of Appeals hearing

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech fans are speaking out as the battle between the university and Mike Leach is taken to another level. Both sides presented their case to the 7th Court of Appeals here in Lubbock Thursday morning.

It's the ongoing question, will this case go to trial or will it be dismissed? The three visiting judges from Amarillo will now take time to decide what will be next in this legal dispute.

Just like in the hearing, Texas Tech fans are also spilt.

"I think it should go to trial," said Mike Leach fan Nathaniel Primous.

 "No I don't think so, what Leach did it was obviously his zany way of coaching," said university supporter Max Brown.

Texas Tech fired the head football coach back in December amid allegations he mistreated wide receiver Adam James, and that's why Tech believes there is not a case here and it should be dismissed.

"The team physician, Dr. Phy, who has said that the treatment was inappropriate and a deviation from a medical standard," said Texas Tech's attorney Sean Jordan.

Back in June State District Judge Bill Sowder made the decision that Leach can sue the university, but only for breach of contract. Leach's legal team is pushing for a jury trial.

"The Texas Tech policies and procedures specifically provides under 70.10 that Leach had the right to file suit in state court for any grievance or complaint arising from a suspension or termination," said Leach's attorney Paul Dobrowski.

As fans follow this ongoing battle, many have picked a side.

"My husband and I both thought he should have gotten paid his money at least if he was let go, that they owed him that much because firing him the day before the end of the year was kind of pretty dirty," said Mike Leach supporter Debbie Speigel.

"I was definitely a coach Leach fan and I still am today and I'm still on his side. Everything I've heard, I'm still on his side," said Mike Leach supporter Brandon Bepko.

"If Texas Tech wants to drop it, I think it's a good idea , just to avoid the situation all together," said Brown.

While others are hoping the whole thing will go away all together.

"It's feeling like they're beating a dead horse," said Primous.

No decisions have been made yet and while there isn't a time limit, attorneys predict it could be another five to six months.

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