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Best Scam E-mail

The e-mail started popping up inside inboxes just two days ago with fraud alert typed in the subject line. Just that alert alone, got one Lubbock woman really curious. Enough to call us and warn you too.

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Mother of five, Lizabeth Burns barely finds time to do things for herself. But occasionally, she'll duck away and check her email when she does have time. Just a couple of days ago, it was the same routine, and when she checked her email, Lizabeth found something suspicious."When it said I purchased something, that was obviously a big tip and I needed to pursue it further," she told NewsChannel 11.

The e-mail she was reading said she had bought something off of the  website. But really, she hadn't made a purchase at all. "So, I called the Best Buy store in town. I gave them the order number off of the e-mail, they said they would cancel the order. Then they gave me the number to the corporate store. I called the corporate store and they told me it was a scam and that people are getting this scam email all over the country," said Lizabeth.

It was a scam e-mail, trying to trick her out of hundreds of dollars. "The order online is for inline indoor cd players. Two of them and it's an $800 purchase. Obviously that's going to raise some concern with an $800 bill on my credit," she said.

The scam e-mail was sending out an alert, saying it needed correct information about the purchase. Also mentioned in the e-mail, a correction was needed for records and deter fraudulent transactions.

Initially, if Lizabeth would have given up her credit card information, her social security number, no telling how much money that company could have taken from her. No telling what they would have done with her personal information. "And I got another one today," she said.

Best Buy company says it's definitely a scam. Apparently, some crook has found a way to hack into their website. But fortunately now, the crook's website is down.

Best Buy told Lizabeth that several people have complained about this scam e-mail in Lubbock.

So, if you're one who did give out your information, you might want to contact your bank or credit card company fast. And make sure you report your identity theft. Here's the link ( Consumer Theft).

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