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Frullo vs Morgan; only formal debate before election season

By Christie Post - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – With Election Day weeks away, candidate campaigns are in full force. And while some get ready for online forums, two engaged in a debate Monday morning.

The Wade Wilkes Show on AM 580 hosted Texas House of Representatives District 84 candidates, Republican John Frullo and Democrat Carol Morgan, to a debate on six issues. Both candidates took two minutes to answer each question and had a thirty second follow-up to debate each others' response.

It's a debate on the issues that matter in hopes each candidate will reach out to an audience to win the seat to represent nearly two thirds of Lubbock county. Wade Wilkes started the debate with a question about border security. "What is your plan to stop violence on the border and to stop drugs from flowing in to our Texas cities," said The Wade Wilkes Host, Wade Wilkes.

"We spent four million dollars on border security cameras which have resulted in exactly 24 arrests. Not a good investment for four million. We've got DPS staffing shortages and certainly we should employee more investigative work with the DPS," said (D) Dst. 84 candidate, Carol Morgan.

"It's going to be an expensive problem. The governors also recommended that we spend 135 million dollars as recommended as an expense that we've got to control the border," said (R) Dst. 84 candidate John Fruillo.

Each candidate also tackled questions about the drop out rate and the fact the Texas education system is ranked 49th in the United States.

"There's reasons why Caterpillar is coming, Medtronic is coming to Texas. We do have a good education work force and we need to keep making sure that the money gets to the classroom," said Frullo.

"One thing we need to remember is that for every drop out we have 70,000 dollars per year per drop out in lost revenue. Some of those programs that prevent that dropout rate are going to be cut in the budget cut," said Morgan.

They also said something means to be done to curb the multi billion dollar budget deficit.

"We need to look at the low hanging fruit, the waste, the fraud, the abuse. Look at those through out the whole budget see where it is. Talk to the agency heads, they understand their programs better than anybody else," said Frullo.

"But if you think of it as a pyramid and you turn it upside down I would rather chip away at those frivolous non people expenditures. For instance we spent 322 million dollars in state travel over the last two years," said Morgan.

Another issue discussed important to West Texas, the issue of right of capture for land owners.

"We will not have a fiasco like we have had in Roberts and New deal county with T boom pickens sucking that water out of the ground to send it to Dallas or Denver," said Morgan.

"People will pay more money for land that has good water producing capabilities than they will for land that doesn't produce water. It's the basis for evaluation. If we would change that it would kill agriculture," said Frullo.

It's a political race between a certified accountant and retired educator to win the seat for district 84.

"I am for more liberty, more freedom, less taxes," said Frullo.

"I've been here knocking door to door working with people and that's what it should be," said Morgan.

As a reminder early voting is October 18th and election day is November 2nd. Join us every night this week at 7 p.m. on our website for a live political forum on different candidates running in this mid term election.

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