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Lubbock man's fight to be fit catches fire across South Plains

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A Lubbock man's fight to be fit has caught fire across the South Plains as he inspires others to do the same in a 10-pound challenge.

Since March 39-year-old Louis Constancio has been turned down twice by NBC's hit show The Biggest Loser. Weighing nearly 500 pounds, Louis wasn't about to give up and with the help of Flex Fitness owner Chris Moser they started the Transformation Club, TC.

"It's a personalized boot camp for all the members," said Moser. "Man he's dropped about a hundred pounds I've never seen that before on Louis."

Now weighing 388 pounds Louis' journey to lose weight has inspired others to do the same by joining TC. "I've lost 75 pounds so far," said Julie Stolfo. "I have so much self confidence now I feel better about myself. I can do things that I've never could before."

Since the beginning of October, they've started their very own version of the Biggest Loser called the 10 pound challenge. "It's a way to get people to start thinking about dropping weight and becoming healthy. It can even actually add 14 years to your life with just 10 pounds," said Louis.

One of the newest members, Chris Canesso is already giving the other challengers a run for their money.   "I came here weighing 440 pounds.  I've lost 23.4 pounds in 2 and half months," said Canesso. "I'm at the gym everyday with Louis. I can feel myself being able to play with my son a little more and just having fun."

There are six teams competing with two or three members each. Moser helps those teams by creating work outs to best suit their physical capabilities. "By the end of the program they're usually just shocked and amazed at what they can do," said Moser.

Louis' inspiration doesn't stop here on the South Plains. "Folks from California and Missouri, and I think Colorado now, that want to jump in on the next challenge," said Louis.

The current challenge will end November 4th and the next one will start shortly after that. The prize for the second one is $1,000 but for Louis and many of the other TC members the real prize is leading healthier and happier lives.  

"Louis is great I couldn't do this really truthfully without Louis, coming here meeting him has been an inspiration," said Canesso.

TC meets every Monday at 8 p.m. at Flex Fitness on Frankford and 3rd. Joining TC is free but a membership is required to work out at the gym.

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