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Area High School Students Cure Those Summertime Blues with Work

Saturday marks the first day of summer. Now that school is out, it's time for students to take a break, but some high school students are doing just the opposite and finding that first job.

"I basically sack groceries and meet new customers. It's a lot of fun," says Frenship junior Kayla Ford.

Whether it's sacking groceries or working at the golf course.

"I work out here because I thought it'd be a good job cause I get to be outside most of the time," says Coronado senior Hunter Harris, who works at Meadowbrook Golf Course.

For many area high school students, now is the perfect time to find that first job.

"I've never had a job before. I didn't know how to interview. I was nervous," says Monterey junior Tiffany Kamp, who works at United Supermarket.

And for good reason. United receives more than 200 job applications each week. Many of them from high school students looking to earn a buck.

"We have 15 and 16 year-old kids we hire and they have absolutely no experience of previous jobs, so it's a really good place to work cause we give them that opportunity," says the Manager of Market Street United, Scott Wilson.

"It keeps you busy. You're not at home just sleeping or eating," says Kayla.

"It's fun when you get nice people to carry out for," says Monterey junior Josiah Scully.

But sometimes, the responsibilities that come with having a job can be tough.

"It's kind of a drag sometimes, but if I work in the mornings on the weekends, it's all right cause my friends are still asleep," says Monterey junior Cory Gallagher.

But while their friends are catching those extra z's this summer, these students are staying ahead of the game by earning valuable job skills.

"It's good people experience and just to get to know how to hold a job," says Josiah.

"It'll increase my social skills a lot," says Tiffany.

"I'm learning to be a better communicator," says Kayla.

"You get to learn to communicate with people, all types of people," says Cory.

And manager Scott Wilson says sometimes being a people-person is all you need to enter the job world.

"What we mainly look for is kids that are outgoing and willing to talk to customers, that's really hard to find, a kid that's willing to talk to any stranger," says Wilson.

So if you're still looking for that first job, the best advice is to keep trying. Scott Wilson says getting a job doesn't stop with turning in an application. He says the most important thing you can do when looking for work is to follow-up on that application by making a phone call or paying the employer a visit.

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