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Family of murdered man say he was not killed by his son

Source: Lubbock Sherriff's Office Source: Lubbock Sherriff's Office

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The family of a murdered man says his son is not to blame for his death. Monday night Lubbock Police arrested and charged 22-year-old Joshua Valdez in the murder of his 48-year old father Ricky Valdez. Autopsy results revealed the elder Valdez was strangled and left outside his home near 96th and Boston before he was found Sunday morning.

"All we are doing is staying strong and that's all we can do," said victim's son Markey Valdez.

On Tuesday family members held a carwash to raise money so they could give Ricky a proper funeral.

"Everybody is just staying strong for each other, everybody is just pulling together," said Valdez.

Markey says he is still in shock his father was discovered dead early Sunday morning, but he says what's even more shocking is that his brother Joshua Valdez is now charged with his murder.

"My brother ain't never going to do nothing to hurt my dad at all, he would never do anything," said Markey.

On Tuesday, an arrest warrant for 21-year-old Adrian Aleman of Tahoka, a family friend, was issued for charges of tampering with evidence in this case. In the warrant it states Joshua told police that he got into a fight with father in the driveway before he passed out.

He asked Aleman to check if his dad was still breathing, and the warrant states that he was. Before they left, Joshua told police Aleman helped him wash off the blood that was left on the driveway with bottled water.

Inside the house, police found several empty water bottles. The warrant goes on to say that Joshua also told Aleman to say his dad fell while they were outside.

"Nobody knows what happened that night, it is all just a mystery," said Markey. Ricky was found dead on a couch under his carport. He was found by his son's girlfriend, and now all this family says that's left to remember are the happier times they all spent together.

"Everybody is going to miss my dad, he is just one of those persons that everyone is going to sit there and miss," said Markey.

The family plans to hold another carwash Wednesday morning at 10:00 at the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut on 50th Street and also a barbeque at 10:00, Thursday morning at Maxey Park.

The family has also set up memorial funds at First Bank and Trust and City Bank.

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